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A judgment issued by foreign court is considered as “foreign judgment” by Serbian courts. In order to get it enforceable in Serbia, such judgment must undergo a simple recognition process.
Simply put, this process assures that Serbian national or business entity was given a fair treatment before the court issuing the judgment (due process issue). Once the Serbian court issues a decree recognizing a foreign judgment, an enforcement procedure can be initiated. Serbian lawmakers changed enforcement rules less than two years ago by adopting the new Enforcement and Collaterals Act which greatly simplifies and speeds up enforcement process.
However, before litigating in your jurisdiction, please contact us, since there is an addition requirement for that judgment issued by foreign court to be enforceable in Serbia – reciprocity in recognition & enforcement with the jurisdiction from which the judgment sought to be enforced in Serbia comes.
The Ministry of Justice maintains a list of countries signatures of bilateral and multilateral treaties allowing recognition of foreign judgments in Serbia.