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Massive Loss of Bees

Kuvizic & Tadic Law Office held press conference on Monday, November 26, 2012 in front of the Justice Building, Novi Sad, regarding the complaint filed with the Higher Court in Novi Sad by beekeepers from Indjia. Complaint alleges damages resulting from indiscriminate use of chemicals by fruit growers from Novi Slankamen. The complaint includes the Serbian and local governments as defendants for failing to implement an effective system of controls and oversight of use of herbicides and insecticides according to Serbian laws.

All major news media outlets published article about this accident from April 2012. Damages include a massive loss of bee colonies and a total loss of honey production for 2012.

Mr. Kuvizic also presented photos taken the day the spraying occurred.

Free honey samples were delivered to present reporters and bystanders at the end of the conference.

Zach Kuvizic, Esq., partner at Kuvizic & Tadic, answered questions by reporters from major Serbian newspapers, TV stations and web new outlets concerning this ecological accident. This story has been covered via electronic media and by all major newspapers.

Read more at Vojvodina Public Television (in Serbian).


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