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Our aim is to serve wide variety of needs of our clients. Our lawyers, consultants and associated offices throughout Serbia are ready to assist you in different areas of law: business law, family law, litigation, administrative law, employment law, wills and estates, to name a few.

We would also like to emphasize two specialized areas where we can help: insurance claims and land purchase in Serbia.

Insurance claims

If you had been in the car accident in Serbia, we will work with courts, claims adjusters, insurance companies and any other entities involved in the claim processing to make it faster for you to receive the insurance proceeds.

Land purchase

We have assisted our clients in land purchase in the Republic of Serbia. Liberalization of land ownership brought investors from Western Europe who recognized the opportunity to invest in real estate.

If you, or your organization is ready to invest in Serbia, the land is the best way to do it. We will provide a variety of services making your business in Serbia bullet-proof, from finding opportunities, due diligence reports, introduction to local government agencies, to closing the deal and serving your legal needs from there on.

Please contact us for more information.