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Every case involving children is different, just as every child is different. It may entail paternity action, child support issues, visitation and time spent with each parent, but it also can be parents willing to enter into a simple agreement regarding all of the above. Whatever your personal circumstances are, we know that every case concerning children is very emotional and highly sensitive for all parties concerned. Foreign element makes it even more complex.

We will take all steps necessary to make it easier on you and your children by assessing your specific situation and goals, negotiate with the other party and devise individual strategy to accomplish your goals. We’ll work with social services here in Serbia, consular office of your country and authorities abroad to make it less stressful for you.

Examples of our work include child support litigation for children living with mothers in Canada and UK, representing mother in Serbia seeking child support from the father in the US, gathering documentation regarding child’s needs in Serbia in divorce litigation in Australia, to mention a few.

Share you burden with us – our professionalism and integrity will be on your side.