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Finding your own or your family records, helping you with obtaining official documents related to birth, marriage or any other personal status issue might be a challenge for you if you do not speak the language, do not know much about administrative procedures or simply don’t know where to start.

We have assisted many of our clients with their personal status issues. Whatever your circumstances are, we’ll find the way to help you. Here are some examples:

- locating and recovering vital records for family members (birth, death, marriage, divorce, retirement);
- adoption and family relationship records,
- employment, pension, hospital records;
- wills, estate records and estate litigation;
- resolving personal status issues regarding paternity, marriage and parent-child relations.

A quick snapshot of our work includes: assisting a 21-year old son, university student, with both parents deceased, get a family pension from the German Public Pension System, obtaining divorce papers for estranged spouses (UK, Serbia), so they can go on with their lives or finding family records in Serbia for an Australian national who claimed inheritance rights to agricultural land in Serbia.

If you have been struggling with similar problems, please let us know. We’ll let you know the best, cost efficient, way to help you.