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Family law represents a set of rules regarding family-related issues, such as marriage, civil partnership and parent-child relationship (paternity, parental responsibilities, child support, and visitation). These issues are complex and sometimes hard to understand. It gets even more complicated when a foreign element is added. Here’s why:
- rules applicable for nationals of one country might be different from rules of the country of origin of the other spouse,
- there are, sometimes, substantial differences between the two national legal systems dealing with family law issues (conflict of law),
- different sovereignties (countries) impose jurisdiction rules on parties involved (conflict of jurisdiction),
- it also involves the problem of recognition and enforcement of judgments issued by one national judiciary by another national court system.

Our office has been successful in helping our clients navigate through both, their national legal system and the rules applicable in Serbia. The key words here are knowledge and understanding of both legal systems involved. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients every time, we go through a great deal of learning ourselves.

Our clients come from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, as well as most Western European countries. We have been able to help them achieve their goals and go on with their lives no matter how tough the situation was.

So, tell us your problem, we might be able to help you.